[SUMMARY] Correct st.cong entry for a DLT4000 Jukebox

From: simon.millard@gemini.barclays.co.uk
Date: Mon Oct 05 1998 - 05:48:28 CDT

Thanks to the following with their replies:

>From Phil.Kao

try the following entry:

"Quantum DLT-4000","Quantum DLT4000 Tape Drive","dlt4000",


>From Abdon

it should be something like this:

tape-config-list = "Quantum DLT4000", "Quantum DLT", "DLT";
DLT = 1, 0x36, 0 , 0x8639, 4, 0x17, 0x18, 0x82, 0x83, 3;

more info:


>From Nate-Itkin

"Quantum DLT4000", "Quantum DLT4000", "DLT",
DLT = 1,0x36,0,0xD639,4,0x17,0x18,0x82,0x83,3;

More info: 1)
                2) man st
                3) man mtio
  4) more /usr/include/sys/scsi/targets/stdef.h

Note: Solaris 2.6 added ST_BUFFERED_WRITES and ST_LONG_TIMEOUTS in
This changes the Quantum recommended value of 0x8639 to 0xD639.

>From jsturges

Solaris 2.6 comes with settings for the Quantum DLT4000 already in the
st.conf, as you've probably seen. Those values should work.

In your dmesg output (or if you did a 'boot -v' from OBP), you should
see the drive properly identified as a Quantum DLT4000. If you don't
see this, it may not be finding the DLT4000 in the st.conf file. Make
sure you've uncommented all appropriate lines in the st.conf (make sure
the tape-config-list is terminated with a ";" after the last entry,

Beyond that, if you're lucky you can find integration information on
Quantum's web site. Exabyte is very good about supplying this data for
their drives on the WWW.

good luck,

There you go!

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