SUMMARY: Upgrade SS10 Model 40 to SS10 Model 70

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Date: Sun Oct 04 1998 - 09:25:55 CDT

The answer is "No. You cannot get PROM FLASH upgrade to a 2.X PROM.
               Pay the man and get an hardware upgrade."

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> Dear Sun Managers,
> I have seral SS10 machines and 3 different CPU types.
> The CPU types are: TMS 390Z50 (SuperSPARC)
> TMS 390Z55 (SuperSPARC)
> This information was gathered mostly from the info header
> displayed when the machine is first turned on.
> Also from that banner, I know that the machines with the
> 390Z50 & 390Z55 have a ROM Rev of 2.14
> The machine with the SuperSPARC II has a ROM Rev of 2.22
> and mentions something about HyperSPARC.
> I tried to plug an extra SuperSPARC II CPU module into
> a machine with ROM Rev 2.14. On power up I do not even
> get the banner.
> However, when I replace the the ROM of rev 2.14 with the
> one of 2.22 I boot up fine.
> I am unfortunately at site and have no documentation with
> me and my netscape connection to SunSolve is slow enough
> as to be considered not functioning. This true for the
> archives site as well which my "progressive" company
> manages to block access to most of the time anyhow.The
> few searches I fired off to SunSolve came up empty.
> Now, my question is this:
> Is there a Flash PROM upgrade or update that can be applied
> to the ROM of rev 2.14 to get it to a state that it will be
> able to recognize the SuperSPARC II CPU.
> TIA for *any* help you may provide.
> Glenn Cantello

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