SUMMARY: questions on syslog

From: Dave Wreski (
Date: Fri Oct 09 1998 - 17:01:02 CDT

>> Hi all. Either I have found a bug in syslog, or I am doing something
>> wrong. The following line:
>> # Keep track of all mail sent and retrieved by this system
>> /var/log/mail.log
>> causes in.rshd attempts to be logged to this file. Using `logger -p
>>' does in fact log to this file, but `logger -p'
>> logs to the correct file, daemon.log.

I didn't realize that tcp_wrappers logs to the same place sendmail does by
default. I should have realized that was a tcp_wrappers log message... According
to the README:

By default, the wrapper logs go to the same place as the transaction
logs of the sendmail daemon. The disposition can be changed by editing
the Makefile and/or the syslog.conf file. Send a `kill -HUP' to the
syslogd after changing its configuration file. Remember that syslogd,
just like sendmail, insists on one or more TABs between the left-hand
side and the right-hand side expressions in its configuration file.

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