SUMMARY: NIS+ domain vs. DNS domain

From: Frank Cusack (
Date: Fri Oct 09 1998 - 15:46:14 CDT

Wow, answers back already.

The consensus is that it won't matter as NIS+ and DNS are unrelated.

My concern is that Solaris' gethostbyname() is broken, and I know
of at least one program that uses the NIS domain if a FQDN is not
returned by gethostbyname() [to generate a license key].

I was hoping to get info on other potential pitfalls, no one has
mentioned anything, so hopefully I'll be OK.

I'll send a followup if anyone else reports difficulties they've
encountered, or if I find any problems with it.

Thanks to:
"Henry Yiin" <>
 Mark Neill <>
"Teague, Tony" <>
John Malick <>


Frank Cusack writes:
> I'm using NIS+ only for passwd info (and publickey). What are the
> implications of having the NIS+ domain different than the DNS domain?
> thanks
> ~frank

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