SUMMARY: Problem with admintool and serial port

From: Bob White (
Date: Wed Sep 30 1998 - 17:19:54 CDT

Sorry about the delay in this - but end-of-fiscal
woes cropped up, as they usually do.

The consensus of all respondents was:
admintool is broke, don't use it. Go find
Celeste's web page on Sun serial port
administration and follow instructions there.

I did that, and once I remembered that port A is
on the right when looking at the front of the box,
things went much much better. (As that is twice
I've forgotten and spent half a day talking to the
wrong port, I got a big marker and wrote all the
port names on the top of the box.) Thanks to all
who responded. My sun now knows when the
power goes out!
Good morning Gurus!
I have a very nice UPS powering up my Sun
Sparc II running Solaris 4.5. It does well on
short outages, but can't handle those of 2-3
hours duration. So I've decided to bite the bullet
and install the monitoring software supplied by
the vendor, which will shut down the system.
The software wants to use a serial port, and
wants login disable on the port. I thought, Okay,
time for admintool. I run the tool, select ttyb,
disable everything, click apply, and after about
10 seconds a message appears in the main

Couldn't find object in main list!

I can't find any other explanation for this
message. pmadm shows the port still configured
for hardwire terminal login. Can anyone help
me with this?

Thanks in advance.

Bob White
Bechtel Nevada

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