SUMMARY: requiring su-ing to root regardless of being at console or not

From: Barbara A Basberg (
Date: Fri Sep 25 1998 - 13:20:11 CDT

Many thanks to all who replied so quickly, I'm very grateful! :
Niall O Broin
Marco Greene
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Craig Mertens
Robert G. Ferrell
Benjamin Cline
Frank Fiamingo
James Wendling
Jim Robertori
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James T. Ranks
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Peter L. Wargo

(I hope I didn't miss anyone!)

My original question: How to require su-ing to root regardless of whether
someone is at the console or not. In other words, I knew how to disable
direct root login from anywhere but the console but wanted to disable it
there, too. We have half a dozen people who use root access. I am new to
this position so I want to be able to give them the ability to do what they
are accustomed to doing but have an audit trail to see who does what.

I was told to change the line in /etc/default/login from:




with the caveat that I could run into trouble if I need root access in an
emergency, e.g. when no users can log in. I was also advised to use sudo
and/or xsh to allow the non system administrators to have certain root
privileges without having to use the /dev/null option.


Barbara Ann Basberg
Unix System Administrator
Technology Operations (formerly Computer Services)
Central Michigan University
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