SUMMARY: Printing and Admintool

From: Chad Rytting (
Date: Fri Sep 25 1998 - 07:29:23 CDT

I received only one response to my request. My apologies if I didn't
include your name here. Only one of the sent messages had my correct
email information on it. Patricia Morgan sent the following:

Usually if I can't save something I check for full filesystems -
especially /tmp
and /usr/tmp

I did check the filesystems, and the largest amount of used space is at

---original posting---

> I am having a problem on an Ultra 10 that I can't find anything on.
> When I try to set up a printer through the admintool, I can do
> everything but when I try to save the settings I have made, it comes
> with
> Segmentation Fault (core dumped)
> Can someone please help me. It may just be something stupid, but
> I am very new to administration of unix, I don't know what to do. I
> will summarize.
> Thanks,
> Chad Rytting

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