SUMMARY: Printing to a printer attached to a PC

From: Donovan Carnegie (
Date: Mon Sep 21 1998 - 15:37:07 CDT

Thanks to all who responded.
I have opted to try Bruce Zimmer's solution.
Bruce suggested using an LPD Server called RPM available from

<Exert from Bruce's Solution>
<snip>....RPM (remote print manager) runs an LPD server on the PC. The
only requirement
would be that the PC have a fixed address so that the PC can be defined
the /etc/printcap file.

The software costs $100.00 per PC (qty discounts available) and is by
the best LPD Server we have found to date for PC's.
Again, Thanks All.


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> I am not sure if this is possible but here goes...
> I have a box running SunOS bigbird 4.1.3. I have a user that dials up
> to
> our network using a PC. The user then telnets to the box and runs an
> accounting program ALCIE ( Oracle-based financial applications for
> accounting). The user need to be able to print from this application
> to
> the local printer attached to the PC. My question. Is there a way to
> define a printer in /etc/printcap or... to allow a dial in user to
> submit a job to a printer attached to the PC??
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