SUMMARY: deleting user's login is too slow in a E450

From: System Manager (
Date: Wed Sep 16 1998 - 19:37:08 CDT

The original question was:

>we have an Ultra Enterprise 450 (128 Mb RAM, 1 x 300 MHz CPU) running
>Solaris 2.6 with more then 10,000 users. The problem is: everytime we run
>userdel to remove an user's login it takes more then 5 (!!) minutes to
>complete the job. This time is unaceptable since we have to do a great
>numbers of userdels everyday.
>The userdel process starts a child process with the passmgmt -d command. I
>think the problem is that the userdel is running pwconv everytime I remove
>an user account and for a passwd/shadow file with 10000+ lines pwconv
>takes more than 5 min to run on my E450.

The solutions was easy:

Patch-ID# 105397-02
Keywords: passmgmt passwd cron useradd
Synopsis: SunOS 5.6: /usr/sbin/passmgmt patch
Date: Nov/26/97
Problem Description: 4077704 useradd takes too long

After I installed the patch the userdel command took less then 3 sec!

Thanks a lot to all colaborators!

Casper Dik
Justin Clift
Seth Rothenberg
Todd A. Fiedler
Al Hopper

Flavio Elizalde

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