SUMMARY: installpatch and ksh problem

From: Bob Rahe (
Date: Tue Sep 15 1998 - 09:26:33 CDT

  Well, this might be a new one, a SUMMARY without an original
question. I DID almost send a question to the list but found the
problem first. So, to save anyone else from having the same problem....

  I was trying to install patch 104093-05 on an Ultra 30 running 5.5.1
and got a message from installpatch saying it had to have another 4
patches installed first (one of which was 103566-36). I got those
patches and installed them with no problem. Then went back and
attempted to install 104093-05 again. But.... installpatch AGAIN said
it needed patch 103566-36. But it WAS just installed with no errors.....

  To make a long (2 day!) story short, after debugging the installpatch
script - made even more fun since it spawns things so 'echo' doesn't
work simply - it turns out I had ksh (the shell installpatch uses) at
the patch level 103891-02. The later ksh patch - 103891-05 - fixes a
problem with sizing of arrays etc. within ksh. Seems that the list of
packages that the script was looking at for determining patch
installation got too long and since the packages that had 103566-36
installed on them were at the end of the list they got lost. Thus it
appeared to installpatch that the patch wasn't installed on the system.....

  Install the ksh patch # 103891-06 and installpatch of 104093-05 goes
without any problem.

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