SUMMARY:Dual Heads on SS20?

From: Grant Schoep (
Date: Sat Sep 12 1998 - 13:01:25 CDT

Thanks to the following for all your insights and replys:
Matthew Stier
Rachel Polanskis
Benjamin Cline
David L. Markowitz
and David Tong, for keeping a great Framebuffer FAW at:

Hope I didn't miss anyone.

All SS20's come with an SX framebuffer. Its also known as the cgfourteen.
With 8 megs of VSIMM it can be a nice 24 bit frame buffer. But the problem
is, you need a special VSIMM to use it. It looks like a regular SIMM, with
an extra "chunk" on the side, that makes the SIMM slot longer. There is a
program for the SS20 called sxconfig that will allow you to give more
memory to the SX framebuffer. BUT! You have to have at least one VSIMM
installed in the machine to use it as a framebuffer. This is because the
actual graphics hardware portion of the framebuffer is on that extra
"chunk" on the VSIMM. It seems that the VSIMM''s were rather expensive,
and most everyone just put in a TGX instead. The SX framebuffer runs off of
the M-bus, instead of the S-bus.
        That everything I learned off of it. I was hoping to turn a couple of our
SS20's into dual-head machines, since I had a few extra monitors from our
IPX days. But it really didn't seem worth it to have to go out and spend
money on purchasing VSIMMS. Since it really wasn't a neccesity. Thanks for
all your help.

Original Message:
>I have a few SS20 with dual frame buffers in them. The SX that supposidly
comes with the> >machine, and a TGX. The TGX has always been used, and the
SX has never been used. I >read the framebuffer faq and it sounds like I
can add the SX to run dual heads. But one >thing I am not clear on.
>It states I would need to add a VSIMM to use the SX, ok.
>But it also says I can use %sxconfig to give system memory to the SX.
>Can I just use sxconfig _instead_ of installing a VSIMM?
>I tried to use sxconfig to give me memory for the frame buffer, but I stil
don't see it in >/dev/fbs.
>This is all the steps I did.
>1. Plugged in the second monitor.
>2. Ran this command:# sxconfig -s 16 -l 32
>3. Ran# init 0
>4. ran OK: boot -r
>5. It still doesn't show the SX framebuffer in /dev/fbs
>Am I missing something here? Do I HAVE to have a VSIMM installed? If so,
where can I >buy one? Or loot it from something else maybe.

>I am running Solaris 2.5, there is 127 megs of Ram in the machine. And
after looking >inside the case I see there is no VSIMM in there. I was
under the impression that all >SS20's came with a VSIMM, thats what the
framebuffer faq says anyways.

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