SUMMARY: "c2secure" NIS under Solaris

From: Frank Cusack (
Date: Thu Sep 10 1998 - 13:28:36 CDT

I got one answer from Ginny Bolyard <>
(thanks Ginny) stating this could be done and how to set up
the NIS server.

However, I already knew how to do it on the server side. I wanted
to know if Solaris has support on the client side for pwdauth,
which it apparently doesn't.

ps I should have read the Makefile more closely, passwd.adjunct
is NOT merged into passwd.


> In SunOS, you can use a passwd.adjunct file to take passwords out
> of the NIS passwd map. You then run rpc.pwdauthd blah blah blah...
> I see that under Solaris 2.6, the server side supports this, but
> ouch, the makefile simply merges the files into the passwd map.
> Is there any support for the pwdauth()-type functionality in
> Solaris 2.x?
> thanks
> ~frank

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