SUMMARY: Problem with new tooltalk patch.

From: Davin Milun (milun@cs.Buffalo.EDU)
Date: Tue Sep 08 1998 - 12:44:00 CDT

Thanks to everyone who replied.

The summary is that LOTS of people are having a problem with 105802-05
(and with its x86 counterpart 105803-05). So it's clearly a bug with this

At least three people have filed bug reports with Sun.
One of them was assigned BugID 4171550.

It seems that all we can do it wait until Sun released a fixed patch.
Which they will hopefully do soon!

(One could back out of the patch; but then one leaves oneself open to the
remote root exploits described in the CERT advisory!)

Thanks to:
   Tim Evans <>
   Dave Yearke <>
   Charles Nguyen <>
   Michael Neef <>
   Michael Pearlman <>
   John D Groenveld <>
   Frank Fiamingo - Columbus <>
   lauradel collins <>


Original question:
>Subject: Problem with new tooltalk patch.
>Late last week, in response to the CERT tooltalk advisory (CA-98.11),
>I installed patch "105802-05 OpenWindows 3.6: tooltalk patch".
>Since then, our users have had problems logging in with CDE to some systems.
>Some of that went away when I patched those systems up to be more current in
>other patches too (but might still exist on some SS5's).
>Also, since doing that 105802-05 patch install, I am fairly regularly
>finding (and killing) CPU-bound /usr/dt/bin/rpc.ttdbserverd processes
>on our timeshare servers (headless, non-CDE xdm servers). (Those processes
>show NO system calls when truss'ed, and require a kill -9 to kill them.)
>Any advice would be appreciated.
>Are others also having a problem with 105802-05?

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