SUMMARY: Problems with Sun's doc server

From: Guenter Millahn (gm@Informatik.TU-Cottbus.DE)
Date: Wed Sep 02 1998 - 11:55:17 CDT

Hello Sun Managers,

Thanks to the responders:
shams <>
John Malick <>

My orig question was:
> if I try to print a doc from Sun's doc server at
> I always get the server error 500.
> Same thing if I try to start a search operation from the 'Install & Setup
> Collections' page.
> Has anybody detected same failures? Is there a workaround?
> (I used Netscape Navigator 3 on Solaris 2.4).

John suggested to upgrade to most recent version of Netscape Navigator.

Shams' answer I quote here:
> Files located @ sun are ps (postscript). Does your
> printer supports this type of printing or not?
> There is a help page on Sun page that how to configure
> your browser to print accordingly. Have you checked?
> You may need to some thing to convert ps->pdf conversion
> tool such as Adobe's PageMaker has utility that does this
> (ps to pdf) job. Once the conversion of each file is done
> you may be able to print it. The procedure would be:
> -Download the file and save as
> -Run the utility mentioned above
> -print pdf file

I checked Sun's site again and found Printer configuration hints reading
the "Answerbook Manual". I selected Options->Applications and turned the
application/postscript entry to "cat %s | lpr"

Thanks again, Guenter

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