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Date: Wed Sep 02 1998 - 10:55:30 CDT

Thanks to all who replied
There was a problem with the Mail relay host
Changed to a diff mail relat host and mail works fine
Relpies are at the bottom.
Orig question

I have a NIS server, which is also a Mail server in the NIS domain.
: The OS is SunOS 4.1.4
: Mail was workin fine till last week.
: The /etc/ is unchanged. The entry for Mail Relay Host in
: /etc/ is the Server1, which is the DNS server in the
: The sendmail deamon is runnin as /usr/lib/sendmail -bd -q15m
: Incomoing mail to the NIS server is just fine.
: Now when I send mail from the NIS server, mail does not seem to go
: They are stuck in the /var/spool/mqueue directory.
: I killed and restarted the sendmail deamon. No change there.
: When i do /usr/lib/sendmial -bp, I get the followin messagse,
: Mail Queue (22 requests)
: --QID-- -Size- ----Q-Time-----
: AA02289 586 Mon Aug 17 10:44 <>
: Deferred: Host is down
: <>
: AA02254 96 Mon Aug 17 10:34 <>
: Deferred: Host is down
: <>
: .......
: I know for sure that the remote site is not down and that it is up.
: What has happened, what do I do to solve this problem?
: Suggestions/help.
: Thanks , Will summarize.

Replies were
What do you get when you do "/usr/lib/sendmail -v <email addr>" ? And do
you have problem deliver to other email address ?

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First thing I would try is sending mail using
/usr/lib/sendmail -v someoutsideuser@someoutsidehost
and watching the output, it should tell you where/how it is trying to
it. I suspect there is likely a problem at your relay, but give
-v a try, and see what you get.
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Have there been any DNS changes? Can you verify the remote host is ok by
it? Maybe there have been some routing changes at your ISP?

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Can you run a /usr/lib/sendmail -v mailaddress and see what is the
output. it
should give some cluses to you. however if you wish you can send me this



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