SUMMARY: Veratos Volume Manager - How to get it to notify me of failure?

From: Dave (
Date: Mon Aug 31 1998 - 14:16:10 CDT

  The answer is:
  RTFM on vxrelocd :) .
  vxrelocd is started at every reboot by /etc/init.d/vxvm-recover.
  This program monitors the health of the volumes, and tries to relocate
around failed drives. It also accecpts an email parameter. So when a
failure has occured, it will send email to this list.
  I modifyed the command line (in /etc/init.d/vxvm-recover) to send email
to my pager email address and my in-box. Now I just have to wait for the
next failure to see if it works.
  The man pages say to kill|restart the vxrelocd process, or reboot for
this to take effect.

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