Summary: How to install GNU C compiler on Sun OS 5.6?

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Date: Fri Aug 28 1998 - 14:20:02 CDT


Thanks for these people's help, now I can use gcc happily. Thank you.

Michael Mitchell
Sean Fister
John Keeton
Michael Hocke
Jason Marshall
Casper Dik
Tim Evans
Joel Lee
Matthew Stier

Here's the original question:

> Situation: I got a copy of
GNUgcc.2.8.1.SPARC.Solaris.2.6.pkg.tgz from
>, and I followed the instruction of "Solaris
> Library" readme file to unpack this package with this command:
> "gunzip -c GNUgcc.2.8.1.SPARC.Solaris.2.6.pkg.tgz |
/usr/bin/tar -xvf -"
> successfully in my /var/tmp directory. Right now, in the
> directory, I see a "GNUgcc" directory which contains
directories like
> these (I am listing the whole path below):
> /var/tmp/GNUgcc/root/usr/local/bin/
> /var/tmp/GNUgcc/root/usr/local/lib/
> /var/tmp/GNUgcc/root/usr/local/info/
> /var/tmp/GNUgcc/root/usr/local/man/
> /var/tmp/GNUgcc/root/usr/local/sparc-sun-solaris2.6/
> I checked the installation file from some web sites, but still
> confused what's the next thing I should do.
> Q: should I copy all the stuff in the above directories to
> directories? Or, are there any other steps I should do so I
can install
> GNUgcc successfully in our Sun Sparc machine?


cd to /var/tmp and do a
pkgadd -d . GNUgcc
as root and that should install the package whereever it want's to
install to..

Further Information:

The simplest way to install gcc 2.8.1 on Sol 2.6 is to download the
package from
<> . Gunzip the pkg and do a
pkgadd -d nameoffile where nameoffile is the gunzipped file. This will
install gcc on your system. Unless you need to install gcc in a
specific directory this will work.

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