SUMMARY:Question regarding Online Disk Sute for SunOS?

From: Earnest, Jim - TAFB/LASPO1 (
Date: Thu Aug 27 1998 - 07:16:40 CDT

Original Question:
 We have a number of SunOS ( version 4.1.4) systems and cannot upgrade at
 current time. It is my understanding that SunOS is limited to a maximum
 partition size of 2GB. However, this limitation is overcome by the Online
 DiskSuite software. Version 1.0 of the Online DiskSuite is the last
 that was made to be compatible with SunOS? I have investigated and found
 that the least recent version of the Online DiskSuite that we have on site
 is version 3.0.
Suggested Resolution:
Received information that ODS 1.0 was the only version for SunOS. From the
replies that I received, and from the Sun Manager's Archives it appears that
ODS 1.0 is a fairly stable product. I contacted a Sun sales representative
and they said that ODS 1.0 was not Y2K compliant.
Received one reply that suggested we go to Solaris and host the ( > 2GB )
volumes on this system with access via NFS.

Many thanks to the following people for their prompt replies

Thad MacMillan
Seth Rothenberg
Jeff Wasilko

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