SUMMARY: ar_rput_dlpi error messages

From: Kun Li (
Date: Mon Aug 24 1998 - 00:43:56 CDT

one week ago , i sent a mail regarding some error messages excerpt from
messages file.
Now, there is one response from rashmi, here it is :

>kun li
> what i suspect is your disk has gone bad since it is
>media errors.What you can do is boot in single user mode and put the disk
>analize mode for read test or refresh test(format).If it is giving media
>error on a single block try to repair it.If it is hardware error you have
>replace your disk.

but it was only a WARNing message about media errors, so I don't know
how serious this WARNING is . and I also want to know the relationship
between these all messages and rebooting of the server. Can anyone
tell me what's on earth the meaning of these error messages ?

any help will be greatly appreciated
Asiainfo Computer Network Co. ltd.

my original question:
Today, a customer of us report several system reboot.
from the /var/adm/messages file, I excerpt the following error messages:

08:50:16 www unix: WARNING: /sbus@3,0/SUNW,fas@3,8800000/sd@0,0 (sd0):
08:50:18 www unix: Error for Command: read(10) Error Level:
08:50:18 www unix: Requested Block: 7698880 Error Block:
08:50:18 www unix: Vendor: SEAGATE Serial Number:
08:50:18 www unix: Sense Key: Media Error
08:50:18 www unix: ASC: 0x11 (unrecovered read error), ASCQ: 0x0,
FRU: 0xd0

 panic[cpu6]/thread=0x618164c0: free: freeing
free block, dev=0x800007, block=13456, fs=/home1
17:10:30 www unix: syncing file systems...panic[cpu6]/thread=0x30037ec0:
panic sync timeout
17:10:30 www unix: 6492 static and sysmap kernel pages

17:17:01 www unix: ar_rput_dlpi: DL_??? (7) failed, dl_errno
17:17:02 www unix: ar_rput_dlpi: DL_??? (7) failed, dl_errno
17:17:03 www unix: ar_rput_dlpi: DL_??? (7) failed, dl_errno
17:17:06 www last message repeated 3 times

is there any relative between these error messages ?
what are they meaning ?

platform: sun E3000, Solaris 2.5.1

thanks in advices, will summarize.

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