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Date: Thu Aug 20 1998 - 14:18:17 CDT

Orig Question,

On The website, for all y2k patches for SunOS4.1.4 i
have a question.

For patches 100462-32 | OpenWindows 3.0 File Manager, 100544-10 |
OpenWindows 3.0 Mailtool, 100638-03 | OpenWindows 3.0 Perfmeter,
100728-03 | OpenWindows 3.0 xterm, in the README file inside those
patches the line "Relevant Architectures: sun4"
is there. Does that mean those patches are required for SunOS machines
with hardware name sun4 only.
I have a whole bunch of sun4m and sun4c machines with SunOS 4.1.4.
Do I have to apply those above mentioned patches to my machines even
though I have sun4m & sun4c's.

The conclusion is that the patches are applicable to all Sun
Here are the replies.
Thanks to everyone who replied.

My understanding is yes, you have to install those patches. I have
already installed them on many machines SPARC 1, 1+, IPC, 2, LX, SS10,
and SS20.
As I mentioned in my previous email Sun changed/expanded its Sun4
architecture designations sometime between SunOS 4.1 and 4.1.4.

I would re-recommend that you do the following on all SunOS 4.1.4
machines to further insure backwards compatibility with pre 4.1.4
software install programs and drivers.

ln -s /usr/kvm/sys/`arch -k` /sys/sun4

I have done the above on all said machines and it has enabled me to
install older drivers (such as Aurora 16 port serial boards) and older
software (such as Sun SunLINK 7.0 SNA 3270) onto the machine after it
has been converted to 4.1.4. With out making the above link which was
discontinued by Sun in either 4.1.3 or 4.1.4 the afore mention items
fail to install.

If you have any doubts that a older device or its drivers may not work
with 4.1.4, don't forget that Sun also has Y2K patches for SunOS

I personal have not encounter such problems but they may exist. I think
that is why Sun does offer Y2K patches for a version of 4.1.3. As I
remember it, 4.1.4 was Suns first multiprocessing SPARC OS for desktops
which did not need special patches to make it so and as such is
different from 4.1.3 in a deep kernel driver way. I have not encounter
any problems yet which could not be solved. That does not mean they
don't exist. Mu understanding is (I have been wrong before and I will
be wrong again, but I may not be wrong now).

Hope this helps.

Thank You

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OpenWindows is kernel (sun4,sun4c&sun4m) independant so you can use
OpenWindows 3.0 patches on all machines using SunOS4.1.4.

In addition OpenWindows 3.0 is also used used on 3 different SunOS4.1.x
versions (which is unusuall): SunOS4.1.3, SunOS4.1.3_u1vb and SunOS4.1.4

The arch command is helpfull:
   arch returns major arch (kernel independant arch)
                   which is sun4 for sun4,sun4c&sun4m
   arch -k returns kernel arch like sun4,sun4c&sun4m


No, "sun4" is more or less the generic name of the architecture.

Arch prints sun4; arch -k prints sun4m/sun4c/ etc.

So teh patches are for all SPARC




All of the OpenWindows component patches are the same for all architectures and both SunOS 4.1.3_U1 and 4.1.4, since OpenWindows was the same for those products.

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