Summary: SUN E5000 and QualixHA+

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Date: Sun Aug 16 1998 - 08:14:40 CDT

Sun Managers

Originally we were looking for a way for regular users to run a piece of software "QualixHA+" which is normally only run by "root".

Of those that replied; it is a majority that we use "sudo". One or two suggested a user group and permissions to limit who could run the Qualix.

I think the most promising suggestion is to use the Qualix "scui -w" command (in /usr/bin/) to start the interface. The -w switch allows the user to act as root, if they are in the scui_users file. Take a look at page A-13 in the "QualixHA+ Installation and Configuration Guide".
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Thanks for the responses. When one asks a question of this group it always seems the responses are very helpful.

One comment... I would like all of you to know that over the years I have learned a great deal from reading your responses. In a busines where knowledge is everything, I thank you very much.

Thanks again.

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