SUMMARY:keyboard and logins

From: A.Guru Prasad (
Date: Fri Aug 14 1998 - 09:06:03 CDT


Almost all of the replies were that i should just remove the monitor and
keyboard. The machine on bootup will default to ttya or ttyb. I tried the
same and it worked. I now bootup without the monitor/keyboard and can
login from the network. I did not need to change any settings

Guru Prasad


Original Post:
We have a couple of sun workstations which were bought to act as servers.
So we do not have monitors or keyboards with them. I do have a spare
monitor and keyboard with which i configured the worksations and removed
both monitor and keyboard. But the workstations go into some state wherein
i cannot login to the m/c remotely. I tested and found the it at least needs
a keyboard to keep it from going out of network. Is there some way i can
configure to prevent the workstation from looking for the keyboard

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