SUMMARY: Do forms from multi-tray printers actually work?

From: Brett Lymn (
Date: Fri Aug 14 1998 - 01:35:53 CDT

I got no definitive answers on this one. Only one person replied but
they were not trying to do the same as I am. I will put in a call
with Sun since things are not working as advertised :-(

Thanks to Loring Safford for taking the time to reply.....

> I have set up a new HP printer with multiple trays printed to
>from a Solaris 2.5.1 box. I have the tray selection working fine
>using the "-o trayn" lp option but I thought the "right" way to do
>this would be to bind a form to a tray and use the "-f form_name"
>option. After grappling with the lp subsystem, I believe that I have
>things set up correctly. I have a form mounted on a tray but when I
>try to print using that form stock gets taken from the default tray
>NOT the tray the form is bound to. Arrrrgggghhh!!!
>Has anyone got this to work? Also, I wanted multiple machines to
>print to the printer. I tried pointing subsequent machines at a
>single machine to act as a print server but the tray selection did not
>work (this was no surprise to me but hope springs eternal in the human
>breast), has anyone got this working or do I need to point each
>individual machine directly at the printer?
>Here is what lpstat says about the printer:
> Forms mounted:
> tray 1: mtms_work
> tray 2: mtms_purch
> tray 3: oracle_purch
> tray 4:
> Content types: simple
> Printer types: Ghplaser+basic
> Description:
> Connection: direct
> Interface: /usr/lib/lp/model/net_ljx000
> After fault: continue
> Users allowed:
> (all)
> Forms allowed:
> (all)
> Banner required
> Character sets:
> (none)
> Default pitch: 10 CPI 6 LPI
> Default page size: 80 wide 60 long
> Default port settings:

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