SUMMARY: Keyboard error

From: Jae An (
Date: Tue Aug 11 1998 - 22:24:28 CDT

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> Hi everybody,
> There seems to be a problem with a "Model: TYPE 5" keyboard from Sun
> MicroSystems, which is attached to a SPARCstation S10 running Solaris 2.5
> The slightest touch of the keyboard cable halts the system and puts me
> at the `ok' prompt. After pressing `go' to continue, other times everything
> is fine, but many times I get a bunch of messages:
> NOTICE: zs3: silo overflow
> WARNING: kbd: Unknown keyboard type, Type 3 assumed.
> At this point I need to `kbd -r' to reset it to normal.
> Under normal conditions: `kbd -t' results to `Type 4 Sun keyboard'
> Basically, every now then the system is halted. As it turns out the
> keyboard cable itself is fine. The problem seems to be with the keyboard.
> Please let me know if you need additional info.
> Thanks.

The keyboard was eventually replaced, and everything is ok now. Some
people suggested to check the cable and the connection on the computer
end, but as I said in my previous message this was not the issue.

Thanks to: (Kevin Sheehan)
Bismark Espinoza <>

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