Summary: 4611 Interphase FDDI/CDDI card

From: Danny Cox (
Date: Tue Aug 11 1998 - 03:50:37 CDT

Thanks to all who commented. I'd been trying to install on a
system restored from customer tape which caused me problems.
Installing a virgin 2.4 system then finding the latest Interphase
software still wasn't enough on its own. Althought the documentation
didn't indicate thatt Sun patches were required for other than
perfomrance reasons, applying the latest patch cluster for 2.4
got rid of the system crashes.

The Interphase drivers were on - although I
couldn't find them on their web site.

Need to take care to make sure they're seated properly in the SBUS slots
be casutious about upgrading the firmware I'm told.

The interfaces were called fa0/fa1 etc depending upon the SBUS slot
I was using.

Cheers all

Contributors (I have a nasty feeling I've missed someone, so apologies

           Chris Liljenstolpe <>

Original query below:

> Has anyone had trouble installing one of these? I'm attempting
> to install one on an SS20 using Solaris 2.4 jumbo patch 57. As
> soon as the interface plumbs in the system crashes big time.
> I've restored a tape over a 2.4 system from a customer, so the
> drivers are present; it has worked on their site using 2.4 and
> an SS20 there too. It's obviously not quite a virgin system
> now, but that's what I need to achieve. If I remove the card or
> move /etc/hostname.fa* out of the way, then there's no
> problem - at least not until I plumb it. Once I do that, I get
> a 'bad trap' and over the system goes with a traceback.
> I'd very much appreciate some help if there's any out there.
> I can't see any sign of drivers on their web page either.

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