SUMMARY:replacing failed disk under vxva

From: Craig Eller (
Date: Mon Aug 10 1998 - 11:55:37 CDT

I received one reply, from Vince Hockney, who thought it was harmless to
vxdctl enable. I did it without any problems, but turns out my real
issue was the original replacement disk from Sun Service was no good.
Replacing the replacement did the trick.

Original question:
>I incorrectly replaced a failed disk in an SSA100: after the disk was
>marked bad by vxva, I shut the system down, replaced with a new disk
>rebooted. THEN I remembered I should've done a "vxdiskadm, option 4
>(remove a failed disk)" before pulling the disk. Now when I access
>vxva, my messages file gets errors like:
>Jul 27 13:05:35 E5000-1 unix: WARNING:
>/sbus@2,0/SUNW,soc@2,0/SUNW,pln@a0000000,823537/ssd@5,2 (ssd178):
>Jul 27 13:05:35 E5000-1 unix: Transport error: timeout
>Jul 27 13:05:35 E5000-1 unix: WARNING:
>/sbus@2,0/SUNW,soc@2,0/SUNW,pln@a0000000,823537/ssd@5,2 (ssd178):
>Jul 27 13:05:35 E5000-1 unix: Error for Command: test unit ready
>Error Level: Fa
>Jul 27 13:05:35 E5000-1 unix: tal
>Jul 27 13:05:35 E5000-1 unix: Requested Block: 0 Error Block: 0
>Jul 27 13:05:35 E5000-1 unix: Vendor: SEAGATE Serial
>Number: 00314421
>Jul 27 13:05:35 E5000-1 unix: Sense Key: Not Ready
>Jul 27 13:05:35 E5000-1 unix: ASC: 0x4 (LUN not ready), ASCQ: 0x1,
>FRU: 0x2
>(ssd@5,2 is the failed disk that was replaced)
>After speaking to sun tech support, they said to go ahead and do the
>"vxdiskadm, option 4", followed by option 5 (replace failed disk) after

>the fact. I did this, and had no errors. But I still get the above
>message each time I go into vxva.
>I had read somewhere that "vxdctl enable" might handle this - has
>tried this or have any other suggestions?

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