SUMMARY: Solaris 2x to HP-UX 10x

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Date: Fri Aug 07 1998 - 00:00:09 CDT

Thanks to all who replied. I have many links and general resources to
HP-UX. I appreciate all the help.

The general rule, or the lesson I am learning is that you have to be
very specific with your job requirements, git it in writing if possible.
I have noticed that companies are willing to bend the truth to get you
on-board. There is a great demand for technical people, specialy UNIX
people; sometimes that demand forces managers to get the people in and
take their chances; chances been that they might just pick up and leave.
Just make sure that you have assurances about your specific area of
expertise or interest and a clear understanding of what you will be
doing. The company I am working for "The larges Corporate Bank
WorldWide is looking to fill upto six UNIX spots in the Wall Street area
NY, NY (let me refrase that, on my floor). I don't think that they are
too picky if you are HP or SUN; they just want the UNIX hands.

I have decided to stay put for now. I get a nice smile on my face "hear
to hear" twice a month. I can't get desparate or worry too much about
HP-UX. I have asked for HP training in the mean time. The issue for me
was that I was looking to work on Solaris (9-5) and keep up with the NT
world on my own time. This HP-UX learning period will affect my ability
to keep on top of NT and will force me to keep up with Solaris on my own
time. Another issue is that I have NOVELL, NT, Solaris, and now I will
be getting an HP backgrown; in reality we know that a company can only
pay you for one set of skills at the time...maybe two skills. You don't
want to find yourself knowing a little of everything and a lot of

I have included the responsed and the URL's provided by many of you. I
tried to edit the contents to make it more readable...

Thank you again.

Conner McCleod
Solaris 2x to HP-UX 10x

Thanks to:
Philip Plane
Thomas Anders
Ian Parkin parkini@BGEP.CO.UK
Bill Shorter
valerie gray
Allen, Michael A. AllenMA1@ADIMSG.JHUAPL.EDU
David W. Blaine
Mark Hargrave
Wolf Schaefer
Jeff Kennedy
Frank Velazquez
Line Printer
Michael Hill

Special Thanks to:
Celeste Stokely
William Duvall
Robert Owen Thomas
David Evans
Dale Wright
Goodson Alex
Colin Melville
Ian MacPhedran Ian_MacPhedran@engr.USask.Ca
Colleen Nielsen
T Karthikeyan
Viet Hoang

Get in touch with hpux-admin. Their email is Very similar so this email group.

The top four places to check are:

Try these:
Don't miss the HP-UX/Sun interoperability cookbook there.

For free software:


This URL should get you started:

check out:

Try this site.

Search the hpsysadmin mailing list
Software Porting And Archive Centre for HP-UX

(FTP, browse only)
              browse &

Mailing list info:
1 To subscribe/unsubscribe to this list, contact
               Name: Owner:
2 A similar lists is '' Put 'subscribe
              hpux-admin' in
              both subject line and message body. Excellent list.

You can find some links on

The best book comes with the HP-UX media. Its called HP-UX
              Systems Administration Tasks (Part number B2355-90079).
              Alternatively try HP-UX 10.x Systems administration by
Marty Poniatowski (isbn 0-13-125873-7), its quite good but rather GUI
orientated (whoops I've just reread your message and you've already got
this).Finally the O'Reilly Essential Systems Administration book by
Aeleen Frisch (isbn 1-56592-127-5) is a must for any administrator as it
compares Solaris with HP-UX as well as AIX, LINUX and ULTRIX.
Get the book "The HP-UX System Administrator's "How To" Book" by
              Marty Poniatowski, Prentice Hall, Englewood Cliffs, NJ,
              isbn 0-13-099821-4 (my copy), 1994 (my copy).

              1-800-472-5277 (US)
              1-800-563-5089 (Canada)

              HP Course # H5875S : hp-ux 10.x system & network admin for
experienced unix sysadmins

For shareware:
        The Liverpool Archive is THE site for HP sysadmins. Sorry, I don't
have the
              URL but a search engine should easily find it. (I DIDN'T

Checkout the following:

Where to Start:
I recommend that you start with It's a
              start, and quite
              a good collection of information. There are also the

     -- software and
     -- a large collection of ports
     -- an HP-UX FAQ

>From Bill:
Here are some things you may want to check-out:

              * (Fuzzy search
              HPUX Sysadmin mailing list)

              * (Info & Documentation)

              (Contents - HP CDE Getting Started Guide)

              10.20 Transition Toolkit)

              * (Course

              * (HP-PS:

              * (HP Electronic


              * (Welcome to

              * (HP Professional Web Edition)

                      Here is info on an HP mailing list similar to

              To subscribe to hpux-admin-digest, send the command:
                 subscribe hpux-admin-digest

              in the body of a message to "". If
              want to subscribe something other than the account the
mail is
              coming from, such as a local redistribution list, then
              this address to the "subscribe" command; for example, to
              subscribe "local-hpux-admin":

                 subscribe hpux-admin-digest

              When you recieve your first mailing, there will be further
              directions at the bottom of the digest.

              Hope this is enough to get ya started!! Have fun!!


>From Colin:
I worked a little with HP-UX two years ago. Still have a few
              links on my
              WWW page at:

              and other Unix links at:

              Good luck! Learn to use GPM/Glance, you'll love it.

              Colin Melville
              Technology Partners

>From Ian:
> Things like - but for HP-UX:


              Sysadmin mailing list:

               Send mail to:
               Body: subscribe hpux-admin

              Software porting and archive centres:
        User your browser to get to the HP Electronic Support
               Center page
                    (for US, Canada, Asia-Pacific, & Latin-America)

>From T:
Most of the things, you can find it from for
              HP-UX System Admin.

              Also go to

              Good Luck !

               To subscribe/unsubscribe to this list, contact
                     Name: Owner:
              (FTP, browse only)
              browse & search)

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