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Date: Thu Aug 06 1998 - 15:34:57 CDT

Thank's to all of you who sent your suggestions :
Sanjaya Srivastava
Matti Siltanen
Jeffrey Keyser
Benjamin Cline
Jeff Kennedy
Heidi Burgiel
David Thorburn-Gundlach
Marco Greene

Some suggested me to use rsh, but i didn't want the user to login, just
restrict its ftp access to its home directory.
Also suggested to use chroot, but it's supposed that the ftpd should
work just like in the case of an anonymous ftp.

I missed in my mail that i already use wu-ftpd, and that the entry in
the /etc/passwd corresponding to the user's home directory already
finished in /./ (eg /home/Juan/./)

Finally, i found that with wu-ftpd in the ftpaccess file there must be a
line like this :

guestgroup <name of the group to wich the user belongs to>

and with that line everything worked.

Thanks to all of you again.

here's the original mail:

Hi, i'm having troubles setting up an account that only has
to do ftp
and that must be restricted to its ftp home (it should not
cd to any
other directory).
I've already made it's shell /bin/false, created a directory
like the anonymous ftp user has, but the user still can cd
to any
directory in the server.
Am i missing something?

PD : If i change the login of this user to ftp everything
works, but if
i change it's login name it can cd to any directory.


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