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From: Harry Levinson (
Date: Wed Aug 05 1998 - 07:27:23 CDT

Thanks to
  Thomas Anders
  Casper Dik
  Anthony Worrall

All reminded me that a hierarchical mount is the way to solve this. lofs
was not needed at all. Now I remember.

Responses were all similar to Casper Dik's:

Automount will not look for sub exports, you need to change your auto_home:

harry mysys:/export/home/harry /sys_admin mysys:/export/home/harry/sys_admin

Original Post

Hi all,

I have problem with automounting that I thought I could solve using the
lofs but have not quite solved it entirely. I think I am missing something
obvious or am attempting something that cannot be done.

My home directory is in /export/home/harry. Under this I have mounted
another partition from a separate disk. It is mounted at

Using auto_home I have the entry

  harry mysys:/export/home/harry

mysys:/etc/dfs/dfstab contains
    share -F nfs /export/home
    share -F nfs /export/home/harry/sys_admin

>From remote systems, I cannot see anything under /home/harry/sys_admin.

So I thought that my solution would be to mount the two directories with
lofs and then export that directory with:

mkdir /harry
mount -F lofs /export/home/harry /harry
mount -F lofs /export/home/harry/sys_admin /harry/sys_admin

share -F nfs /harry
share -F nfs /harry/sys_admin

I changed the auto_home to

  harry mysys:/harry

Now, on remote systems I can see full structure under
/net/mysys/harry/sys_admin but not under /home/harry/sys_admin.

I have made sure that the automount had reread its tables by doing a kill
-HUP after umounting all mysys automounts.

What am I missing?


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