SUMMARY- My SONY DDS3 doesn't like Solaris 2.6

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Date: Fri Jul 31 1998 - 07:29:46 CDT

My original question was:

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I have a DDS3 Sony drive that used to work on a Sparc 20 running Solaris
2.5.1. It was hanging off a narrow SCSI SBUS controller on the 20.

I now have it on a PCI-SCSI SUN approved wide SCSI controller on an
Ultra 10. A SCSI3 to SCSI2 adaptor provides the correct bits and
termination to the device. Probe-SCSI sees it but /dev/rmt never gets
populated after a boot -r.

SUN suggested removing /etc/path_to_inst and booting -ar but that didn't
work. They gave up since it was not a SUN peripheral.

Any ideas?

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Thanks to:

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for pointing out that I needed a firmware upgrade ( from rev 0123 to 0400 ).
Got a 4mm tape from Sony, loaded it in the drive, and the firmware
was updated pronto.


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