SUMMARY:re /proc

From: Brandon K. Devlin (
Date: Thu Jul 30 1998 - 14:54:38 CDT

Special thanks to all of those who gave me a little insight into what
/proc is and how it funtions. . .
Sanjaya Srivastava
Jeff Wasilko
Russ Poffenberger
Craig Mertens
Marco Greene
Rob McCauley
Casper Dik
Erwin Fritz
Chris Liljenstolpe
Andreas Ehliar
Dennis Martens
Brett Lymn
Mariel Feder
Vincent Campbell
Stefan Voss
Shriman Gurung
Brian T. Wightman
Rich Peiri
Juan Calderon
Benjamin Cline
Seth Rothenberg
David Blaine
Jonathan Loh (hope I got that right)
Jason Herrell

Problem wasn't with proc at all, as all of you figured, but with an lp
function that was dumping
core files.

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