SUMMARY:ULTRA10 SunTRI/P Adapter 1.0

From: Conner McCleod (
Date: Tue Jul 28 1998 - 10:15:52 CDT

I talked to SUN Service and got a mention of PATCH 105705-02. So far
the machine hasn't crashed. I reintalled the software and moved the PIC
card to another slot, however, the machine stop working that night.
With the patch it didn't crashed yerterday night. If the problem occurs
again... I am having a new card send to me from the Sun Reseller.

Conner McCleod

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Hi Conner,
 How old is your 10? I bought one of the first ones to come out
 and I had
 to get the CPU replaced. They (Sun) apparently had some
 production problems.
 Those messages look strangely familiar except my 10 would boot
 then crash
 just as the boot finished. Good luck.

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The info I found on this: "the "PCI target abort" means the PCI
  device attempted to DMA to an address which does not exist. This
  is usually a driver error, though it might also be a faulty PCI
  card. You should first swap PCI boards (not the motherboard).
  the problem persists you'll have to contact the vendor of the
  card, Sun or otherwise, as there may be a driver/hardware design
  problem. The ultra-5 and ultra-10 have a PCI bus bridge on the
  motherboard, which may introduce corner cases the designers had
  not anticipated."

  Good Luck!
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