SUMMARY: extern scsi disc error

From: Antonia Gomez (
Date: Fri Jul 24 1998 - 04:44:12 CDT

>I don't know if anybody had done this question before:
>We have a ultra enterprise 450 and now just it has a extern scsi disc
>This disc is to end of the next chain:
>one unit DAT
> one unit cartridge
> the disc
> We execute the command format and we haven't any problem. This command

>recognize the disc without problems. The result of command format is:
> SEAGATE-ST34572N-0876 cyl 6240 alt 2 hd 8 sec 178
> We have do the partitions without problems.
>All is correct but when we reboot the machine to finish go out the
> WARNING: ID[SUNWpd.glm.parity_check.6010]
> Jul 21 12:44:45 pepito unix: WARNING: /pci@1f,4000/scsi@2
> Jul 21 12:44:45 pepito unix: SCSI bus DATA IN phase
>parity error
>And after 5000 times this message, stop and all is correct.
>Can anybody help me, please?

>Thanks in advanced.

I have received three answers, but the problem was the scsi terminator.
Thanks at:
Andreas Ehliar
Bismark Espinoza

their answers were:

"we had similar problems spring this year. The combination of
Solaris2.6, an enterprise 450 and extern
scsi discs requires a patch for the solaris system.
I searched my mails with the SUN-support-line an just found something
like the patch number T105362-07."

"we had this problem before, but we installed a patch to fix that.
Try to install the recommended patches."

"Check the scsi cabling and connectors. You may have a
short circuit.

You may have to disable tagged command queueing or other features
with the new disk."

Thanks .

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