SUMMARY: rack/cabinet mounting E3000

From: Eric Pearce (
Date: Wed Jul 22 1998 - 16:16:53 CDT

I've worked out a system for cabinet mounting
the E3000. You can see a picture of the installation
at the following URL:
(click on the picture to see a full size version)

Here is the original request:

>We are trying to mount an E3000 in a 19" cabinet or rack
>(along with a UPS and RAID array).
>The "Shark Rack" ( solution looks very
>but it is also very expensive (>$6,000).
>Is there a cheaper rack solution available that will not
>cause heating problems? It must be able to support 500-600
>pounds of equipment. The CPI ( "RAID
>might work, but it is a non-standard width, so 19-inch
>hardware would require modification.

Here are the responses: (thanks!)

 From: Matthew Stier <>
 Organization: Fujitsu Network Communications
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 I use Vero IMRAK 1400 cabinets at ~ $2000.00 each.

 I haven't mounted ES3000's, but I have used them to mount
 ES4000, and ES450's.

 Matthew Lee Stier * Fujitsu Network
 Unix Systems Administrator | Two Blue Hill Plaza
 Ph: 914-731-2097 Fx: 914-731-2011 | PO Box 1609 * Pearl River, NY 10965

 From: Jim Harmon <>
 Organization: The Telephone Connection
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 To: Eric Pearce <>
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 The rack system we use is by Schroff. We don't have any
E3000's, but we
 rack upto 9 full (8" x) 19" chassis in these things.

 I think we pay under 1000.00 per rack, + change for
assorted hardware.
   Jim Harmon The Telephone
Connection Rockville,

 From: John Keeton <>
 To: Eric Pearce <>
 Subject: Re: rack/cabinet mounting E3000
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<>; from
Eric Pearce on Tue, May 05, 1998 at 12:04:55PM -0700
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 Try Corporate Systems Center (
 They have some 19" racks.. (Click on "enclosures") I have
never used one of
 their racks, so I don't know about quality..


 John Keeton Systems Administrator
 NASA Langley Research Center Science Applications
International Corp.
 1 Enterprise Pkwy, Suite 300
 Hampton, VA 23666 v: 757.827.4662 f:

 From: Bob Reitinger <>
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 To: "'Eric Pearce'" <>
 Subject: RE: rack/cabinet mounting E3000
 Date: Tue, 5 May 1998 15:22:28 -0700
 Organization: Solar Systems
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 Eric -

 My rack mount vendor -- Integrix does not have solutions
for 3000's only Ultras.

 BTW - If and when you do rack mount your systems, do not
dispose of your "skins" from the chassis. I will purchase
these from you.

 Bob Reitinger
 Solar Systems
 1-800-253-5764 ext117

 From: "Kelly Setzer" <>
 To: "Eric Pearce" <>
 Subject: RE: rack/cabinet mounting E3000
 Date: Tue, 5 May 1998 18:51:14 -0500
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 1) Anixter is a large distributor of such things (they
distribute CPI in fact).

 2) We've been a fan of the Imrak 1400 from Vero
Electronics. You can build your
 rack up like lego and the price is amazing. Best of all,
their customer service
 is top-notch.


 From: David Thorburn-Gundlach <>
 Received: (from david@localhost) by
(8.8.5/8.8.3) id LAA08153 for; Wed, 6 May 1998
11:45:03 -0400 (EDT)
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 Subject: RE: rack/cabinet mounting E3000 (fwd)
 To: (Eric Pearce)
 Date: Wed, 6 May 1998 11:45:02 -0400 (EDT)

 Eric --

 Hope the enclosed info helps... We use shelved racks for
our machines
 (how else can you rack-mount an E3k?), and we're pretty
happy with

 ...and then Emery, Joyce W said:...
 % Hi David,
 % I purchase the racks in the computer room from Secure
 % 215 Park Ave. South, Suite 1606, NY NT 10003. My contact
there is Alan
 % Brandt and he can be reached at 800-360-4751 or
212-533-6500. They run
 % around $1200.00, are very sturdy, easily moved with
locking wheels, and
 % open so do not cause heating problems.
 % They do have a number of different options that can be
purchased. Next
 % time you are up in the data center, I can give you a
brochure or I can
 % send one to you or to Eric if you would like.
 % Joyce
 % >
 % > Joyce --
 % >
 % > Can you tell me, or this fellow directly, where we get
our racks and
 % > what kind they are? I know that we use shelves
instead of screw-in
 % > racks, but that might work best for this guy (how else
would you
 % > rack-mount an E3k??).
 % >
 % >
 % > Thanks :-)
 % >

 David Thorburn-Gundlach * It's easier to fight for
one's principles
 (play) * than to live up to them.
-- fortune cookie
 (work) Helping
out at Pfizer

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