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Date: Tue Jul 21 1998 - 10:01:05 CDT

Hi guys,

Mostly more or less the same response, I think I should have mentioned in
my original mail that I was referring to the beeps from xterms and not
keyboard clicking.

Many Thanks to -
Try using the "Properties" menu item (right button over background).

Under Solaris 2.x try
     /usr/bin/kbd -c off
     adding "KEYCLICK=off" to /etc/default/kbd

Under Solaris 1.x (aka SunOS 4.x)

     click -n

Key click can also be set in the eeprom using either

     eeprom keyclick=false
     eeprom "keyboard-click?=false

see man eeprom kbd and keyclick
Just try

#xset -b

as oppossed to xset b off.
There is also a beep feature in the OBP monitor. However, this beeping or
clicking happens with every key stroke. If this is your symptom then the
problem is with the OBP setting. You need to go to the OK prompt and set
the value to false and then type reset.
Did you try "kbd -c off"

Original question:

Hi guys ,

Is there any other way to turn beeping off apart from -

>> xset b off

I have made the following entry in my $HOME/.Xdefaults file

>> OpenWindows.Beep: never

But this does not seem to work.

- Any ideas

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