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Date: Tue Jul 21 1998 - 09:17:00 CDT

I received many responses all saying that BIND-8 is the way to go. The
specific differences are:

-- 8 does much tighter Plausibility Tests on the Data (both yours,
   which will force you to clean up your DNS RRs, and the Data
   received from other Nameservers)
-- 8 will send NOTIFYs from Primaries (now "Masters") to Secondaries
   (now "Slaves"), rather than having the Secondaries time out or
   get kill -HUP'd to update the Data
-- 8 has generally more Config Features, or Switches moved from
   compile-Time to Runtime

--Version 8 is more configurable and has much better security.

--Bind v8.1.2 (and later versions) will be used if/when IP v6 gets
It will also be getting more features, etc. Bind v4.9.7 is static
there is a problem (probably only security) that needs to be fixed. Note

that I think that bind v4.9.x will also do IPV6......I could be wrong.

--Bind v4.x uses /etc/named.boot. Bind v8.1 uses /etc/named.conf and is
much more configurable.
There is a great change in syntax in the named.conf file *but* the
actual named.* files are still the same. There is a perl script
included in the v8 archive which will convert your named.boot file to

-- DNS Dynamic Updates (RFC 2136).
                       DNS Change Notification (RFC 1996).
                       Completely new configuration syntax (and
                       HTML docs for same).
                       Flexible, categorized logging system
                       (blackhole lame delegations!).
                       IP-address-based access control for queries,
                       zone transfers, and updates that may be
                       specified on a zone-by-zone basis.
                       More efficient zone transfers (no fork() on
                       Improved performance for servers with
                       thousands of zones.
                       get*by*() functions can now use Sun NIS if
                       Many bug fixes, including patches for all
                       known security holes.

Thanks to:

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Rich Snyder <rsnyder@eos.EAST.HITC.COM>
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