SUMMARY: (not really) killing the "no mail" from login

From: Peter L. Wargo (
Date: Mon Jul 20 1998 - 19:20:46 CDT

Well, assured by the party tring to do this that the problem *is* in /bin/login,
he is going to try and patch the executable and replace the message with spaces.

The messages is generated *before* any shell activity.

---Original Message---

A friend is having a problem. He wishes to eliminate all login messages to a
host. .hushlogin kills everything but the "no mail" message - anybody know how
to eliminate that?


OK, I should've been more specific. The login program actually generates the
message, BEFORE it fires up whatever shell the user has.

The problem is with /usr/bin/login specifically....

Thanks to those who replied for trying, anyhow
Rick Reineman
David Evans
Aaron Lineberger
Robert Rose
Renzo Toma
Scott D. Yelich
Suzanne Taylor
Jonathan Loh

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