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Date: Thu Jul 16 1998 - 13:36:39 CDT

The question:

Dear friends,

The warning was so I can avoid a barrage of nastygrams. I do respect
the strictly-defined purpose of this list.

I am trying to install a GCC compiler on an IRIX machine. I know there
is a neatly packaged binary for Suns. I would like something similar if
possible. Otherwise I have to solve the chicken and egg riddle of
needing a compiler to compile my compiler. Can anyone shove me in the
right direction?

And, is there a similar list for IRIX I should know about?


The answers:

helpful info 65%
interested people reminding me to post 25%
flamers 10%

Thank you ALL

Robert Owen Thomas
Leigh HUME
Steven Dodd
Scott D. Yelich
george a gorshkov
Reddy Muthyala
Mike (Mehran) Salehi

        and others ...

                gcc binaries
 elm, gcc, gmake, groff, gzip, libg++, wu-ftpd


There is a list for IRIX; search the archives for the reference.
There are binary distributions of gcc for IRIX, however I don't know
where to get them! :)

However, a binary gcc for irix is fairly useless since irix doesn't
ship with needed libraries/includes/tools/etc. You are stuck buying
SGI's compiler. So unless you need gcc for some specific reason
that SGI's compiler doesn't address...

~frank cusack

and ...

I think you need IDO from SGI for IRIX before you can install GCC


I created a awhile back, you can join in 22 ways;
1) majordomo-like:

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2) '-request' based


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L. Eric Greenwade


You could try or (the latter has further related

I only know of news:comp.sys.sgi.admin - dejanews quite often provides
better information than SGI's own web support pages.


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