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From: Jeffrey Liu (
Date: Wed Jul 15 1998 - 12:38:18 CDT

I've received several email after my summary and I think I should
post an update summary to clear the difference between dtmail and netscape mail.
two typical email are followed. But I really appreciate all the help.

But in terms of my problem, it still unsolved. I tried IE4 UNIX version
yesterday and I was able to send email by outlook express also.
Looks like I only have problem with Dtmail.
BTW, the addresses I can't send to are,, etc.
I followed all the suggestion but non of them worked. Anyway, I gave up dtmail.
Thanks for all the help.

---- from Jochen Bern <> ---
-- The POP Protocol allows you to *download* Mail (that arrived for
   you) from a Server. Outgoing Mail, if any Network Protocol gets
   used in the first Place (the other common Method is to call
   /usr/lib/sendmail directly), would require SMTP.
-- If Dtmail would really respect /etc/, it would be
   BOUND to break whenever a new sendmail Version is installed. =:-{
   (Read: It might be the Case, but it'ld be downright stupid.)

I happen to know that Netscape uses in Fact SMTP to the configured
"Outgoing Mail Server" to send Emails, while arriving Mail can be
read from a File, a POP3 Server, or an IMAP Server.

--- From "Marco Greene" <> ---
Actually, Netscape mail also uses SMTP directly, it just makes the
connection to another box specified by the mail server section on the
Servers tab. However, Dtmail may still be using the local file.

Here are a couple of possible solutions:
1) Make an entry in your /etc/hosts file for the SMTP server specified in
netscape. Then add an alias called mailhost for that entry. (Make sure
that files is the first entry for hosts in nsswitch.conf.)
e.g: mailhost

(substitute appropriate values)

2) If (1) doesn't work also try to copy the file from the mail
server that you have specified.

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I've received some emails which showed me the difference between Netscape
Mail and Dtmail.
Netscape Mail is using POP3 to talk to SMTP on mail server.
and Dtmail is using SMTP directly with file.

But there are no much help on why Netscape mail can send email to a email
address but Dtmail cann't on the same workstation.

Anyway, the work around to me is to use Netscape to send email to those address
which I knew were not delieverable by Dtmail.

Thanks for help.

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Subject: dtmail vs. netscape mail
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I found that I can't send email to certain addresses by Dtmail.
But I don't have problem to receive emails.

For example, This email is sent by netscape Mail, I've sent the same
email by dtmail but didn't see it showed on mailing list. It was lost!

By using -v to debug and check mail server log file, it seems that
email was sent OK but receiver didn't receive it and I didn't get
the bounced mail.

Further more, If I use Netscape Mail on the same workstation, I'm able
to send email to the same address.

What's difference between Netscape Mail and Dtmail in terms of handling
send email?

How do I debug the problem? I'd like to keep on Dtmail.

P.S. workstation is Solaris 2.5.1 with CDE, netscape v3.01

Jeffrey Liu
Aptix Corp. System Administrator
408-428-6223 (w) 408-944-0646 (fax)

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