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Date: Wed Jul 15 1998 - 11:22:01 CDT

*** I asked:

>Welcome to the world of corporate takeovers...
> I've been told that I can no longer self-admin my Solaris machine
> and that I have to use one provided by the company.
> Window managers available are CDE, olwm, or fvwm.
> I'm used to using olvwm on my machine - I would use fvwm, but
> I tried it on the machine and when I bring up CM (Sun Calendar Manager

> the app appears, but with no window controls - I have to kill the
> window by hand and can't iconify it.
> So...
> - Is there a supported version of olvwm for Solaris 2.6 on an Ultra 1?
> I've checked around, and there doesn't appear to be any.
> - If I get stuck with fvwm, is there a way to make CM (or other openwi

> apps) appear with fvwm window controls?

*** Answer:
In a nutshell, source is still floating around, though the product
is not "officially" supported.
Given the restrictions on my user enviroment, I've decided to stick
with fvwm for now. Most windows work, though subwindows appear without
window controls and I have to manually destroy them.
Someone sent me fvwm settings that I will try.
Another person sent me a binary.
Thanks to all.

*** Messages follow:
From: Kevin Davidson <>

 Don't use cm. It's obsolete. Use dtcm instead - the CDE version is
 much more flexible and is Motif based, so you don't need a window
 manager that understands pushpins.

 You may need to set some CDE resources to get it to look pretty if
 you're not running it from a CDE session. Just xrdb -merge your
 ~/.dt/sessions/home/dt.resources file.

 I was sure someone had patches for fvwm that could make it understand
 pushpins as well, but maybe I dreamed that.

 I gave up using olvwm a long time ago and switched to CDE and the
 newer desktop tools as Sun have ceased development of the older
 OpenLook mailtool, Calendar Manager etc. I miss the miniature virtual
 desktop window - some versions of dtwm have that, but not Sun's :-(

 Oh. And I seem to remember that some of the default resources that
 get set by recent versions of the OpenWindows properties tool cause
 olvwm to blow up. They are some kind of locale resources, I had to
 comment them out every time I used the desktop properties tool.

From: "David L. Markowitz" <>

I don't know of a "supported" one, but it works, of course.

You don't need to be a sysadmin to use your own wm. Just put the binary in your own directory somewhere and make your .xinitrc point to it there. -- From: Tom Vayda <> Not sure what the problem is but I have been using CM and fvwm for years. Fvwm ver is 1.2.4., Solaris 2.4 -- From: "Scott F. Woods" <>

I don't think you need to have root permissions to use olvwm under solaris. Just keep the binary for it in your home directory. -- From: (James Wendling)

I copied the binary from a another OS to the 2.6 machine and it seems to be working fine. -- From: Aaron Spiller <> I use fvwm as my window manager, and by editing the entries in the .fvwmrc file, the properties of windows can be changed to match your taste. Here is a sample from mine: ------- ############################################################################ # Set the decoration styles and window options # Order is important!!!! # If compatible styles are set for a single window in multiple Style # commands, then the styles are ORed together. If conflicting styles # are set, the last one specified is used. # These commands should command before any menus or functions are defined, # and before the internal pager is started. Style "*" BorderWidth 3, HandleWidth 3 Style "Fvwm*" NoTitle, NoHandles, Sticky, WindowListSkip,BorderWidth 0 Style "Fvwm Pager" StaysOnTop Style "FvwmBanner" StaysOnTop Style "GoodStuff" NoTitle, NoHandles, Sticky, WindowListSkip,BorderWidth 0 Style "*clock" NoTitle, NoHandles, Sticky, WindowListSkip Style "*biff" NoTitle, NoHandles, Sticky, WindowListSkip Style "xconsole" NoTitle, NoHandles, BorderWidth 5, WindowListSkip Style "xcpustate" NoTitle, NoHandles, BorderWidth 5 Style "xmultibiff" NoTitle, NoHandles, Sticky, WindowListSkip Style "xclock" NoTitle, WindowListSkip, NoHandles Style "xload" NoTitle, WindowListSkip,Sticky, NoHandles Style "perfmeter" NoTitle ------ Explanation of above options: NoTitle: do not include title bar NoHandles: fo not include handles, so that resizing is disabled Sticky: if multiple virtual desktops, always display WindowListSkip: do not include in fvwm's built-in window list StaysOnTop: stays on top of windows, even if a window is maximized ------ The first line tells fvwm what action to take if nothing matches any of the other criteria below. In this case the windows have a border width of 3 and a handle width of 3, so controls will show up to all for minimization and other functions. All of the other items specify that I don't want handles or displays. This is handy for things like xbiffs, which don't need titles and are always used. The name in quotes is the title of the window, which is usually the command used to invoke the item. I suspect there is a line in your .fvwmrc file that is turning off borders and handles for the calendar manager. Either it was configured wrong or is some type of default. If any of this information is changed, fvwm must be restarted for changes to take place. I hope this helps. From: Rick Reineman <>

<binary deleted>

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