SUMMARY: Using Solstice User Manager with NIS

From: Detlev Habicht (
Date: Tue Jul 14 1998 - 09:57:55 CDT

Hi all,

some days ago, i had this questions:

First questions:

  I want to use the Solstice User Manager. The problem is, we have a
  network based on NIS. The NIS-Master is running on a SunOS 4.1.3 host.

  So my problem is, how can i change the NIS database on a 4.1.3 host
  using for example the Solstice User Manager (which must run on a
  Solaris 2.x host)?

  The only hint in the manual is, to change root's .rhosts on the
  NIS Master. But this don't work here. Maybe i have to change other
  things, too.

  So, what have i to do on the NIS Master?

Well, i get some answers and i decide to move the NIS Master to the Solaris
host. Perhaps this was not necessary. When i do this, the Solstice admintools
suddenly take the local files in /etc and don't access the NIS databases.

Then i found the command admtblloc. This helps to change the path for
the admintools to the correct files. But i got more trouble now ... see
my next question in this list ....

B.t.w.: I take my old NIS-source, but i use the new makefile in /var/yp
and change it. I also change the old master to a new slave. I have
also a problem with the file /var/yp/securenets. When the syntax is
wrong, ypserv will not start.

Second question:

  The User Manager has as feature a skeleton path. Works this only for
  .cshrc, .profile and .login? How can i put more files in a skeleton
  path (.xsession for example)?

It is possible to put more files in this directory.

Third question:

  Where can i find better manuals or books about my questions? The Sun manuals
  are very poor for this points.

I get a hint for O'Reilly. This books are very good - i know it. But are their
books available about Solstice Admintools????

Thanx for any help and thanx to: (David W. Blaine)
Greg Polanski <>
Geoff Weller <>
Alan Chalmers <>


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