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Date: Tue Jul 14 1998 - 01:47:38 CDT

Firstly, many thanks to

Philip Sewell []
Brion Leary [] <> <>
Dennis Martens []
Chris Liljenstolpe []
David Evans []
John Bradley []
Mark Cain []
Gerald Combs - Unicom Communications []
David Robson []

Who offered scripts and different options to try.

Most of the options I had already tried, so I dug a little deeper into
the software on the PC and found that it was converting nulls and other
control chars to PC friendly characters like spaces and carriage
return/line feed pairs thus causing the conversion confusion.

Many Thanks

Darren Brechman-Toussaint
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Original Post

>Hi all,
>I am trying to read a labelled tape from an IBM machine. I can read it
>in ok but the conversion from EBCDIC to ASCII doesn't work properly.
>I can read + convert the header file and it looks like this
>HDR1EXTR0001.G0011V00M0013200010001001100 981850000000000000IBM OS/VS
>HDR2V279040030040PGUS185W/S005 B
>I have been using "dd" to read the tape and also tried "ansitape", but
>"ansitape" doesn't seam to be able to read EBCDIC tapes. It complains
>about not being able to read the header giving "no VOL1 header record".
>I know what this file should look like from reading it on a PC with
>old software, but the tape drive on the PC is broken at the moment.
>I have tried a lot of different options with cbs but not much better
>than just using conv.
>If anyone has any other ideas or some software I can try, give me a
>System Info:
>Sol 2.6
>Tape Drive - Cipher M995

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