SUMMARY: RE: Disksuite 4.1 question

From: Denvers, Simon C (
Date: Mon Jul 13 1998 - 04:38:02 CDT


Apparently Disksuite 4.1 metatool would prefer there to be 3 copies of
the state database on 3 different controllers. Any less and it warns
you. It could be considered a bug as there is a difference of opinion
between the GUI metatool and the metadb command.

Pam Skillman at Sun mentioned a jumbo patch (104172-09), which I will
be adding as soon as I get chance, although it looks like it doesn't
change the warnings in metatool.

In response to questions generated by my question:

Disksuite 4.1 does allow you to store the state database inside
metadevices. Apparently 4.0 didn't let you.
To install Disksuite 4.1, I used admintool, browse->software,
edit->add, point it at the directory on the CD containing the software
and off you go. Or just do pkgadd all the packages if you know which
ones they are.

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