SUMMARY: RE: Solaris 2.6 network printing

From: Lisa Weihl (
Date: Fri Jul 10 1998 - 14:54:15 CDT

Ok, label me an idiot but don't ban me from the group. PLEASE!! I did
search the archives before posting but somehow I missed Lisa Becktold's
summary post that would've solved my problem.

It seems I was suckered in by trying to follow the instructions Sun gave in
the Answerbook litteraly. They had broken adding a network printer into
several lpadmin commands. The error I was getting was because I obviously
need to have the -v switch on every lpadmin command which their
instructions do not. Lisa's post showed issuing the lpadmin commands all in
one big instruction. I did that but missed one piece and had to issue
another lpadmin and got the same error as I posted about that's when I
realized the -v must need to be on every lpadmin command.

This still doesn't mean that I might not have to explore LPRng in the
future, especially since some of my users are getting used to the nice
formatting that a2ps is providing automatically via filtering on my SunOS
server. This server will replace that box.

Sorry guys to bug you with something so trivial. I usually try to explore
things to exhaustion before asking.


ORIGINAL POST*****************************************************

I was going to setup my new Ultra 5 server as a print server, seemed like a
simple first service to get installed. But....

Quick question before I waste a ton of time on this ( due to my other
printing questions on the list I think I know the answer to this):


All printers are standalone on network (1 HP, 4 Apple Laserwriters)
Majority of printing are text files.
All print clients (except one) are 2.5.1 machines already printing via
/etc/printers.conf map in NIS to a SunOS machine(also NIS server). I was
simply going to change the rm in that file to point to this new machine
when setup. But...


I have read all Solaris 2.6 documentation for adding a network printer. I
was going to attempt it using the lpadmin commands given in the answerbook.
I issue first command lpadmin -p cs -v /dev/null and it's ok, the next
command lpadmin -p cs -i /usr/lib/lp/model/netstandard blows up complaining
about locally defined printer not having a port defined.


Should I even mess with this anymore or say screw it and just investigate
LPRng? I've seen posts that say Solaris 2.6 printing is improved and
others that are still complaining about these kinds of problems.

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