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Date: Thu Jul 09 1998 - 06:03:19 CDT

The following summarizes the original question and the answer that
(somewhat) fixed the problem. Information follows the original
question. If anyone wants greater detail please email me and I will
send the exact text from all the emails I received.

> Once again I have a simple question that I hope you will all
> be able to contribute to an answer.
> When shutting down my SS20 running solaris 2.5 I do the following.
> su
> shutdown -y -i0 -g3 (limited number of users so i keep time down)
> This should reboot the system into the OK prompt and allow me to
> perform the boot command (at least that is how my system is setup)
> Unfortunately when I do the above command the system shutsdown
> and then reboots to the solaris screen. I am not given the OK
> prompt or given a login screen. The system is unresponsive to
> any keyboard input.
> Anybody have any ideas on what I should check??
After looking over the suggestions sent to me by the following people
(see respondents below, thanks to all). I checked my /etc/initab file as well
as my /etc/rc0.d directory for strange and out of place items. I found
that there where no differences in comparison to the examples sent to
me. I then moved on and checked the environment, whiched turned
out to be the problem. The following steps where used, as suggested
by a few managers, to fix the shutdown problem which, after a shutdown
automatically rebooted avoiding the OK prompt all together.

>The first solution that come to my mind is to perform a Stop-A
>and check the value of auto-boot? using the
> printenv
>Considering your system behaviour, probably it is 'true'.
>Change it with
>setenv auto-boot? false
>then, resume your session with

Thanks to the following for information and suggestions on
things to check:
Ovidiu Feodorov <>
Alvaro Fdez. Lago <>
Matthew Atkinson <>
Steven Aizic <>
Amjad Zamil <>
Heidi Burgiel <>
Terje J. Hanssen <>
Gerald Litteer <>
Ing. Aranda Roman Roberto <>
Deya Atawneh <>

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