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From: Lisa Weihl (
Date: Thu Jun 25 1998 - 18:20:29 CDT

This is very late but since it's not a very important subject, I don't
think anyone has missed the summary too much. But I always appreciate the
help and want to be sure and follow list rules so here we go...

Original question in brief:

Had an LX with a brand new 2G drive in it, it wouldn't boot over the
network from my install server. Probe-scsi saw the drive but I got the
following error when trying to boot.
 panic - boot could not mount filesystem.


I ended up moving the CD-ROM to the LX since I had a couple of machines I
had to configure. I checked all the usual places and followed all the
suggestions but could never pinpoint one thing that was making it not be
able to mount. I think perhaps it was a bootparam problem as the CD was
being shared. I just decided it was easier just to grab the CD-ROM

Thanks to all the users below and their comments


COMMENTS RECEVIED********************************

Viet Hoang

Sounds like the machine with the cdrom is not exporting the
os cd to the client machine.


Ronald Loftin <>

Usually, when I see this error, it means that there is
something wrong with the net boot setup such that the client cannot NFS
mount the specified root filesystem. Check the "install" parameter in
/etc/bootparams, and make sure that the CD is properly shared/exported
with appropriate permissions.

bismark@alta.Jpl.Nasa.Gov (Bismark Espinoza)

Connect a cdrom drive to the machine, drop in
the Solaris CD, type "boot cdrom"

Matthew Stier <>

Ensure that the new SCSI disk is set to target 3, and the CDROM is set to
target 6.

>From the boot prompt, run "boot cdrom".

Francois Leclerc <>

do you have a remain of a former machine booting at the same IP address
(likely with a different architecture) sitting in /tftpboot ?

-use snoop on the same subnet, and which machine is responding to your
machine to setup
-you may be surprised that the server to respond is not your server but
an old configuration leftover ...

Rich Kulawiec <>

My guess is that this is what happened:

        The LX was told "boot net" by you.

        It did the usual broadcast (which we call "somebody boot me!")

        Your server responded.

        The LX succesfully downloaded the bootstrap.

        The bootstrap succesfully downloaded the Unix kernel.

        The kernel panic'd when it tried to mount the root or usr filesystem
                (which should be exported from the server)

My guess is that the server is almost, but not quite, correctly set
up to boot this machine as a diskless client -- if you get that right,
then you can simply log in as root, format the drive and do whatever
else you want to your heart's content.

"Tom Bernard" <

Couple of questions...what version of Solaris are you running, and does your
server know this client in the /etc/ethers file? For you to boot off of the
server, you must have the ethernet address of the client in the ethers file.
Sounds like the server doesn't know the client. Is it not possible to move
a cd-rom drive over to the client and attach it directly? Let me know if
this doesn't help, I may have other suggestions.

"Duncan C. White" <>

One option - install from CD-ROM. That's what we actually do all the time,
because we've never got around to investigating jumpstart installations..
So, if you've got a CD-ROM drive (either in the machine or as an external
SCSI drive) and a Solaris/SunOS CD-ROM, just attach them both and 'boot

Matt Reynolds <>

Does the CDROM install server still have valid entries in it's
/tftpboot directory for the appropriate machine?

MY COMMENT: Again, there was nothing in the /tftpboot directory but other
machines have booted off of here for install. Our old server had some
bootparam stuff on it but I was pretty sure it wasn't booting machines

Note: You *can*, though it's not something I like doing, nor take any
responsibility for it, disconnect your active CDROM from your
server. You *will* get messages on the console, but the machine will
not hang or crash whilst waiting for the return of it's CD device.

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