SUMMARY: Auto-login after boot

From: Charlie Mengler (
Date: Fri Jun 19 1998 - 09:49:25 CDT

I got three responses (all different).
I have not had time to try any of them so far.

Gary Merinstein wrote:
> read up on /etc/inetd.conf and the "respawn" option

This isn't on the web, but...

in the /etc/inittab file, set the initdefault to 4
define an s4 level that runs scripts in rc4 (follow the s3 process...)
define a /etc/rc4.d/S99sulogin that su's to a user, whose login process
is what you want...

Now, this is mostly theory, but it should work.


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Take a look at XDM. It comes with Solaris, and instead of using the login widget, you should be able to do a little script work and start up pretty much whatever you want. If you want stuff to run as a non-root user ID, just do a "su - <username> -c <startup script>".

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