SUMMARY A5000 (photon) configuartion query

From: Goodson Alex A (
Date: Wed Jun 17 1998 - 04:32:25 CDT

Many thanks to those who replied;

Rick Lantaigne
Peter Utama
Dwight Peters
Ju-Lien Lim
Marc Gibian

The problem is how do you install Solaris / Oracle and Documentum on a
system that has 1 A5000 photon array with only 5 x 9GB disks.

The concensus seems to reflect my original feeling which is to accept
the loss of disk space and install UNIX on one disk the applications on
another and stripe the data across the other disks.
I've just bought a copy of Cockrofts SUN Performance and Tuning (2nd ed)
isbn 0-13-095249-4 which is extremely well written and contains a number
of sections that specifically deal with performance issues regarding
A5000's. Hopefully there should be some usefull pointers there

I guess the best approach is to build the system and test it using a
number of different configurations.

many thanks once again


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