SUMMARY: Web front end to Sun Calendar Manager

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Date: Mon Jun 15 1998 - 07:52:27 CDT

The original question was

> At my university we're about to go out and spend quite a bit of money
> (about 16K) for a Web-interfaced calendar manager (server and clients).
> Before we spend all this money, I need to ask: Is there any source out
> there for a Web interface to go with the calendar manager that is
> included with Solaris? Either free-ware or, at least, reasonably priced,
> perhaps.
> What calendar solutions are people using?
> We're running 2.5.1

There is a cgi program which calls the command line. This info was
submitted by
Kai O'Yang <>
and can be viewed at

He said the scripts were pretty primitive and indeed, they are too
primitive for what we need. He offered to send the source code but
I have not pursued since it won't do for our campus.

I'll explain a little more. We need a calendar sharing solution for
faculty and staff for a large university campus. We need to consider
training needs and ease of use. Web-based covers this.

The proposal being sent up is to get a CS&T product which uses a Web
browser. The cost got so high because of the need to purchase so many
browser licenses (of order 1000, it's a big campus...). The proposal has
had the numbers scaled way back to support administrative staff and to
reduce the cost and we'll let profs and students use the generic Sun
calendar in their own way.

Other solutions given by the respondants were:

Crosswind product called "synchronize" (see

Netscape Calendar Manager

Lotus Notes

On Technologies produce called "Meeting Maker"
(nonWeb but multiplatform)

A variety of in-house stuff based on perl/c etc but not connecting
to Sun Cal mananger such as: &
Sam Spencer <>

As for a Web based interface to Sun calendar manager, J. Bern offered

>The cm/cmsd Combo? Impossible IMHO. They use Username and Userid of
>the Person running cm (or cm_lookup etc.) for Authentication and
>Access Control, which you don't *have* in a CGI-bin started by
>the User in Question via a Web Browser on *yet* another Machine.
>Of course, you could get the cm (...) Sources and hack a homegrown
>Version using a htaccess controlled Userid instead of the Process
>UId, but ...

Thanks for the replies

Kai O'Yang <>
Bob Shaw <>
Syed Zaeem Hosain <>
Peter Watkins <>
Jochen Bern <>
Sam Spencer <>
David BARLEY <>
Mark Baldwin <>
Kamal Kantawala <>
Russ Poffenberger <>
Karl Vogel <>
From: Max Trummer <>
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