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From: Ajay Gautam (ajay@avlinsun.avlin.stpn.soft.net)
Date: Fri Jun 12 1998 - 09:45:07 CDT

Hello Friends,

Thanks for all your answers...

Here is the original question :

i administer a solaris machine of the following config :
# uname -a
SunOS avlinsun 5.5 Generic_103093-12 sun4c sparc SUNW,Sun_4_75

I have been receving complaints from a few people who are trying
to send long attachments into my server - they are not able to,
I found a lot of messages like this one in the messages file :


Jun 11 08:13:17 avlinsun sendmail[1668]: HAA01668: SYSERR(root): collect: I/O
error on connection from some.server.com, from=<some@email.address>:
system call

Solution : I asked the person, sending this mail, to break it into peices, it got through with a few more of errors like these...

Answers recevied : ----------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Jon Bidinger <jon@badplace.net>

I'm pretty sure I've seen this message when Sendmail runs out of disk space while receiving a large e-mail.

From: Jeff Graham <demit@best.com>

I believe you will find one of two things are occuring, either you have an unspecified networking error breaking the connection between you and the other machine or more likely you will find a line in sendmail.cf like Or15m

This is the timeout command for the maximum time a connection can stay open before sendmail decides that it is a "bad connection" Note you may be getting errors like this from a 1 meg file on a isdn link or something (more than fast enough to get this file within the 15 mins) but you need to bear in mind that the time is based on the TOTAL traffic. I first saw this problem on a transatlantic frame link. A user was attempting to recieve 6 (avg 5 meg) files on a 32Kb/s link simultanously. Removing the Or15m line was NOT enough, we had to put up a secondary sendmail server (in the US) and route all of that big users mail through it and put sendmail into single threaded mode. All other users in the enterprise were fixed by the removal of the Or line.

From: Jim Harmon <jharmon@telecnnct.com>

In your mail server's /etc/mail/sendmail.cf file should be a line that determines the maximum allowable file size.

You have two options.

Tell these people to subdivide their huge files so each peice is smaller than your maximum filesize limit, or increase your limit.

I recommend the first option, unless you have a VERY LARGE mail spool space.

From: Joel Lee <joellee@continuus.com>

Are you running Sendmail V8.x.x ? There's a paramter (in m4) that you can set to larger file size. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ajay Gautam ajay@avlin.stpn.soft.net. http://avlinsun.avlin.stpn.soft.net/~ajay (A very dirty page).

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